In-Home Pet Care

Daily In-Home Services

These visits are daily, 2-3 times a week, 1 time a week, or same day request. They include: walks, potty breaks, and yard clean ups. These visits are focused on pets whose owners are gone long hours or get stuck late at work.  These visits are great for energetic pets that need exercise, or pets that get lonely throughout the day.

Daily Walking Visits

We walk your dog for 20-30 minutes. This helps keep them calm and less bored throughout their day. Give your pet something to look forward to each day. Dogs are travelers, even if you have a fenced in backyard, you will see the benefit of a daily walk.

Daily Potty Breaks

This visit is just long enough for your pet to do their business. Usually, dogs learn their routine very quickly and have no problem doing so in a shorter period of time. These visits are for fenced in yards, and dogs who potty within their own yard. The visits usually range about 10-15 minutes.

In-Home Vacation Visits

These visits are in your home. They range from 1 visit a day to 5 visits per day. We are usually in your home for 20-30 minutes, depending on the needs of your pets. During these visits we change water, walk if needed, give potty breaks, meals - basically everything your pet needs during the allotted time is included in our base rate. Multiple pets are not charged additionally unless it requires a longer visit. We do offer small tasks, such as picking up mail, taking the trash to the curb and watering house plants. There is no extra charge if we do not spend extra time at the house. If you have extra tasks that require large amounts of time, there maybe an additional charge.

Overnight Pet Sitting

These are overnight pet sitting visits in your home. This includes your dinner visits, and your sitter will be there for a minimum of 10 hours without leaving.  The benefits to overnight visits include providing security by having someone stay in your home and having neighbors see someone coming and going as if you are there.

Visit Time Ranges

We base our visits on an as needed basis, depending on how many visits you have per day will determine what time we do your visit. We ask that you tell us how many hours between potty breaks they need and we will schedule accordingly. We take into consideration normal schedule, age, and activity level. Our goal is to make your pet as comfortable as possible. If you pet starts to experience accidents between visits, we will increase our visits and leave a bill for the additional charges. Please understand this is for the comfort of your pets. If your pet requires a lot of potty breaks, consider lodging services at our farm location as an option.

Early Morning:  7 am - 8 am
Morning:  8 am - 10 am
Afternoon visits for daily services: 10 am - 3 pm
Afternoon visits for vacation services: 11 am - 4 pm
Evening visits: 4 pm - 7 pm
Late night visits: 8 pm - 9 pm

We provide transportation for pets to and from appointments, and to our location. If you need the sitter to stay for the appointment, this is also available for an additional charge.

Yard Clean Up Visit

This visit includes a potty break, plus a complete clean up of your yard. This is done either daily or weekly.


Your first consultation is at no charge, with a booking. If a trip is not scheduled we charge for 1 visit in your service area. Any additional trip before services, i.e. key pick up, new pet, new sitter or meetings, are at normal visit price.

Our Services

Private Doggy Suites

A private area just for your pets. Temperature controlled, this room is attached to the residence. Dogs are let out a minimum of 4 times a day, with dog play or without. We monitor this room at night. Feel free to bring a bed from home and anything else to put in their room. Please no stuffed toys. We provide bowls and blankets. Please also bring their regular diet.

Transportation/Full Dog Groom

We provide a shuttle to the groomer, if you want a full groom. You can choose to have us drop them off for you, to pick up, or we can arrange to drop off and pick up. We offer this at a discounted rate if you are staying on the farm.

Dog Baths

We can provide dog baths and nail clippings before your pet goes home, for an extra cost. Please remember we are a farm, and your pet will get dirty especially if they are in our Doggy Day Camp program. Please let us know when you drop off your pet, if you would like to schedule them a bath. We do not have dryers so please keep us updated of any time changes so we can ensure they are ready for you.

Boarding Services at the Farm